Diet-Delivered shows how Calorie Shifting helps fat loss

Diet-Delivered shows how Calorie Shifting is a powerful dieting strategy that is extremely beneficial to your long term fat loss success.

Diet-Delivered explores how Calorie Shifting is a powerful dieting strategy that is extremely beneficial to your long term fat loss success. See how you can incorporate this into your diet plan…


Diet-Delivered – How Does Calorie Shifting Help Weight Loss?

When we reduce calorie intake, our body protects itself by slowing down our metabolism. Our body hoards the calories because it believes we’re in the middle of a famine.. This is often why we hit plateaus while dieting. We work so hard to lose weight and our bodies are working equally hard to preserve it.

That’s probably why calorie shifting has taken on a life of its own with weight loss plans such as the new Idiots diet phenomenon ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots.’ BTW, as the name implies, this is a very simple approach to fat loss! And calorie shifting is also used in other weight loss plans as well.

The calorie shifting keeps your body in a perpetual state of confusion by constantly changing its calorie intake… thus revving up your metabolism so it tries to adjust to the constant calorie changes. Higher metabolism rates increase the process by which your body converts food into energy.

To get an idea of how calorie shifting actually can work in real life, we’ve outlined two popular weight loss plans that use calorie shifting, Bistro MD and Fat Loss 4 Idiots .

Calories Shifting- Bistro MD Diet Delivered

The Bistro MD Diet Delivery Plan provides an average of 1,200 calories per day for their full plan (3 meals and 2 snacks per day). Notice, they say ‘average of 1200 calories.’

Bistro MD says an AVERAGE, and we quote:

“This is a very important part, as we medically prove that if you stick to a strict 1200 calorie/day diet everyday of the week, your body gets used to that making it harder and harder each week to lose weight.

Calorie Shifting with Bistro MD
Bistro MD Gourmet Diet Delivered To Your Door. It’s a proven strategy that works! Losing Weight Has Never Tasted So Good! With the slight increase and decrease of calories on a day-to-day basis your body and metabolism do not have the chance to get used to one set point. Thus, in turn the weight comes off easier and in the end it is easier to maintain your weight.”

So Bistro MD changes your calorie intake every day by having their diet delivered full meal plans range between 1,100 and 1,400 per day.

Calories Shifting- Fat Loss 4 Idiots (the idiots diet way)

4 or more meals per day
Each meal must have different calorie amounts
2.5 to 3 hours between meals
Eat until satisfied, not stuffed
No snacks or small meals in between
Follow the idiots diet for 11 days and then eat normally for 3 (Can repeat)
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website

Sidenote about Repeating: I doubt your doctor would recommend repeating this too often because of the rapid weight loss each 11 days.

Obviously the idiots diet goes into more detail so you have an easy to follow diet plan.. but this outlines a method of calorie shifting to help you decide if it’s right for you.

One thing I will say that I especially like about the idiots diet, is that after 11 days of calorie shifting, there’s 3 days of normal eating. For me, this ‘3 day treat’ is just the motivation I need to stay the course for the other 11 days.

Please remember, calorie shifting, like any other weight loss program, should first be cleared with your doctor.

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