Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Online Diet Plan

The online Mediterranean diet plan, from eDiets, is a healthy, balanced approach to weight loss, with loads of fresh foods. And with the ‘Wine and dine your waistline’ motto, it sounds a lot more fun than other diet programs!

Please note: You can skip the wine, if desired. Eat, drink & be thin on the Mediterranean Diet!

Is the ediet Mediterranean diet plan right for you?

Do you:
• Prefer fresh, unprocessed foods.
• Like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Enjoy seafood and chicken.
• Can live with minimal red meat.
• Enjoy a glass of wine daily with your diet meal plan.
Wine is not a requirement.
• Want to lower rates of heart disease and cancer.

Then you’ll love the Mediterranean program!
Sooo… Eat, drink & be thin on the Mediterranean Diet!

However, it’s not for people who:

• Don’t like seafood, including shellfish.
• Like fast food.
• Are always on the run and want a convenience-based meal plan.

Sidenote from Diet-Delivered – Since eDiets is tops in diet meal delivery services, we called and requested that they consider incorporating the Mediterranean diet with their delivery service plan. We’ll post immediately if they add it.

Sample Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan:

Breakfast – Olive Oil Toast and Yogurt with Blueberries and Almonds
Lunch – Mediterranean Bean Salad with Cheese and Kiwi
Dinner – Lemon Pepper Salmon with Lentil Rice and Spinach Salad
Snack – Apple with Goat Cheese

How much weight can I lose with the Mediterranean diet plan?

The e-Diet Mediterranean plan says 10 pounds in five weeks can be expected. That’s generally considered a safe weight loss in proportion to time.

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