Lose Belly Fat Action Plan

Don’t go it alone. Follow our super simple Lose Belly Fat Action Plan to begin losing the weight you desire. Losing weight is as easy as one, two, three!

Don’t go it alone. Follow our super simple ‘Lose Belly Fat Action Plan’ to begin losing the weight you desire. Losing weight is as easy as one, two, three! Secret to a Flat Stomach 6-Pack Abs


Step 1: Determine Your ‘Why’

If you already know exactly why you want to lose belly fat, Great! Take a minute and write it down.. Write it down and stick it to the corner of your computer or bathroom mirror, refrigerator.. wherever you’ll see it most.

If you just have a vague idea, then take a moment and think about it. Do you want to fit into your skinny jeans? Have you always wanted to lose belly fat but couldn’t find the motivation? Do you crave a fit, svelte body?

Whatever the case, whatever your ‘Why’ is, write it down. The more specific you are, the better chance you have of success.

So don’t just say “ I want to look great” …Stack the odds in your favor with more detail like: I want to lose my belly fat and have a more toned body in time for the big event coming up.

Now you know why you want to lose belly fat and a time to achieve it.

Step 2: Chose Your Program to Lose Belly Fat

For best possible results, we recommend a combination of eating modification and some ‘action’ as in exercise.. even if it’s just a brisk 15 minute walk four or five days a week.

There are endless possibilities for diet and exercise so we’ve made it super simple. After all our research, studying and personal experiences, we’ve narrowed down the options to a few easy choices.

Diet Selections:

• Fill out the Free, Confidential Diet Profile to determine which diet is best according to your lifestyle. – eDiets
• Fast fat loss.. I’m ready for my bikini yesterday! – Fat Loss for Idiots
• No time to cook? Go with hassle-free dieting – Select a diet delivered plan


• My personal favorite for fitness and tight abs – Elliptical Workout
• Exercise that people don’t consider to lose belly fat – Bicycle
• Sassy Exercise that’s great even when you travel – Exercise Bands
• I want a flat, sexy, hard stomach – Secret to a Flat Stomach 6-Pack Abs

Step 3: Decide to Lose Belly Fat & Mark Calendar

Make a decision today that you are ready to lose the belly fat once and for all AND you are willing to do whatever it takes!
Based on the program you’ve selected, mark your calendar for when you will begin.
For example, with FatLoss4Idiots, the program comes immediately but you still might need to go shopping to stock up on the right foods. Even if you decide on a Diet Delivered plan, you’ll still have to wait a few days for meals to be delivered.

My suggestion is this:

• Mark your calendar to begin the eating part of your program/plan tomorrow or the next day after you’ve gone grocery shopping or received diet delivered meals.

• Also, mark your calendar to begin immediately a short power walk each day. I only suggest walking because it’s easy to get motivated about.. but you can choose whatever exercise you like. Also, put down the time for your exercise.

It’s important to take immediate action in some form because if you’re like the rest of us, it’s just too easy to postpone.. and before you know it, two months will pass and you’ll be sitting here, again, reading about losing belly fat.

So, set yourself up for success!

Lose Belly Fat Action Plan Recap:

Step 1 Write down your “Why” and put it in a prominent place.
Step 2 Select eating/exercise plan and purchase necessary foods/tools.
Step 3 Mark your calendar for when you’ll begin eating/exercise plan.. and start exercising NOW.

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