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Want your own private chef? eDiets Meal Delivery Plan was created for those too busy to cook and want their diet delivered fresh and tasty. Save 25% at eDiets!

[ad#300×250]eDiets diet delivered meal service, is called either ‘Deliciously Yours’ or ‘Fresh Prepared. It can be a bit overwhelming with their abundant choices and overdone ads so check out the streamlined approach below.

eDiets Stats:

Business Since: 1996
Membership Cost:
FREE with Meal Delivery
Save 25% at eDiets!
eDiets Cost per Week: 4 Meals per day including Snack, 5 Day Plan $119.70, 7 Day Plan $159.60. Prices include shipping.

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan meal Samples:

Breakfast: French Toast, Turkey Sausage and Raspberry sauce
Lunch: Blackened Chicken with Herbed Rice
Dinner: Seasoned, roasted Cod with Summer Squash and Spanish Rice
Snack: Cinnamon Sugar Butterfly Cookies

How does eDiets diet delivered work?

Chose from a HUGE variety of fresh-prepared, great-tasting meals with 100+ Selections

Both the 5 day plan and 7 day plan have 3 meals a day plus snack or dessert.

eDiet meals are delivered to your door in stay-fresh packaging every week and offer convenient auto-ship.

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan Advantages:

• Chef- freshly prepared real food that is diet delivered to your door in chill-pack coolers.
• Over 100 delicious selections to choose from, all perfectly portioned to maximize your weight loss.
• eDiets gives you one-on-one LIVE support from registered nutritionists and access to licensed dietitians, which could cost hundreds of dollars to hire on your own.
• More than 80 support boards, including Nutrition Support, New Members and Get Motivated.
• Customized Fitness Plans – OK, this is one of the reasons we like eDiets diet delivered plans. (Main reason being the exceptional meals.) eDiet’s gets it that monitored meals alone won’t produce the most effective weight loss. No, it’s a combination of diet AND fitness that will give you the most lasting results.
• Powerful approvals from some of the most trusted names – Forbes, Redbook… See ‘eDiet Testimonials’ at bottom of page.

Save 25% at eDiets!

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan Disadvantages:

1. Can only choose meals after payment confirmed.
2. Lots of distracting advertisements even when signing up.

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!

eDiet Testimonials from their website:’s “Best of the Web” in the diet and nutrition category. Millions more are active in the company’s email programs.’s named eDiet’s Deliciously Yours as “Top Pick” among weight loss meal delivery services.

Redbook Magazine said eDiet has the: “Most bang for your buck”

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Save 25% at eDiets!