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Diet Direct typically has an extremely fast weight loss program (2 to 5 pounds per week) and you get your diet delivered to your doorstep. Quick weight loss and convenience are key here..

DietDirect protein diet deliveredDiet Direct Stats:

Business Since 1998
Membership Cost: NONE
Cost per Week: Starts at $49.08 FREE Shipping
Save 50% On DietDirect WonderSlim Meal Diet

Diet Direct – Day of WonderSlim Meal Diet:

Breakfast: WonderSlim® Meal Replacement 1 fruit; 1 starch
Snack: WonderSlim® Meal Replacement
Lunch: WonderSlim® Meal Replacement, WonderSlim® Protein Bar
Afternoon Snack: WonderSlim® Protein Supplement
Dinner: Healthy Lean Meal – 1 starch; 4-6 oz. very lean meat; 2 vegetables
Evening Snack: WonderSlim® Meal Replacement
Take 1 multivitamin and drink at least 8 cups of water or non-caloric beverage daily.

How Diet Direct WonderSlim Works:

While on the WonderSlim Meal Diet, your daily meal plan includes-

• 5 WonderSlim Protein Meal Replacements & Supplements – Choose from delicious WonderSlim pudding/shakes, smoothies, meal entrees, soups, fruit drinks, hot drinks, cereals, gourmet shakes, puddings and even cheesecake!

• 1 WonderSlim Protein Bar – Choose from 12 delectable bar flavors.

• 1 Healthy Lean Meal

Several servings of fruit and vegetables are also included in Diet Direct meal plans, providing you with important fiber and other nutrients.

You can order as little as one week supply or all the way up to 12 week supply for the best savings.

Diet Direct Advantages:

• Extremely fast weight loss (2 to 5 pounds per week)

• On average, people lose and keep off more than 3 TIMES as much weight using portion-controlled diet meal replacements, compared with typical diets.

• WonderSlim meals are manufactured to exacting specifications in an FDA licensed, state-of-the-art production facility in the US.

• The WonderSlim weight loss plan is a nutritionally based meal replacement diet plan that makes losing weight simple.

• You eat every 2-3 hours, so you’re never left feeling hungry or craving for more.

• NO Diet Pills or Calorie Counting

• NO Counting Points, Carbs or Fat grams

• Exercise is encouraged

• Diet Direct does have a maintenance plan but it is not on their website.. It is in the “Life Style Guide” which is included in your meal diet shipment.

• Attractive, competitive pricing

Diet Direct Disadvantages:

Extremely fast weight loss can be a disadvantage if you don’t follow the maintenance plan to ensure keeping the weight off.

Not all the meals are delivered because.. just like the Medifast , there is one meal per day that we have to prepare.. plus shop for some fruits and veggies.

Diet Direct Testimonials from Diet Direct website:

I lost 38 lbs. in 12 weeks and my husband Joe lost 63 lbs. in 20 weeks, thanks to your WonderSlim products and diet plan. We both feel that this is the greatest thing we have ever done for ourselves. Thank you so much! — Rena Spivey

I just wanted to say that I love your WonderSlim products. I was using Medifast products, but I think your products are better tasting. I especially LOVE the chocolate pudding/shakes. They have made eating and dieting much more pleasurable for me. — Todd M. Groom, Ph.D, M.D

I’m enjoying your DietDirect newsletters, thanks very much for sending the information. I had started on Medifast about a year ago, and found while searching for a lower priced alternative. I was glad to have found you folks. The products taste great (shakes, bars, oatmeal) and the order process has always been efficient and accurate.

I’ve lost about xx pounds so far, and have another xx to go. I really like the results – the high protein and low carb has always allowed me to maintain and even increase my lean body mass…I feel and look pretty good for a 51 year old former “couch potato”. It’s easy to stay motivated on this program because the quality of the nutrition virtually eliminates craving and hunger pangs.

Please pass my “kudos” along to everyone at DietDirect, and let them know I truly appreciate their efforts. Cheers! — Gwen

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