Medifast Summer Splash Drinks

Medifast Summer Splash. Thirst quenching Medifast Cherry Pomegranate Shake, Medifast Raspberry Iced Tea, Antioxidants White Grape Peach Flavor Infusers™.

Summer Splash Package Ahhhh.. Just another reason to love the Medifast diet.. Refreshing, sparkling drinks for that hot summer day. 

Quench your thirst without sugary, unhealthy drinks with Summer Splash drinks.

Pssst, 20% savings while supplies last.

Summer Splash Package includes one box each:

  • Medifast Cherry Pomegranate Shake with Antioxidants
  • Medifast Raspberry Iced Tea, and Medifast Essential1
  • Antioxidants White Grape Peach Flavor Infusers™

Serving Quantity is 35. The Summer Splash Package also includes a Medifast BlenderBottle® you can use to make your Medifast drinks and meals.

Limited Time 20% Savings >> Summer Splash Package

Lose 10 Pounds with Medifast or Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Let’s face it.. Sometimes we’re in a time crunch and we just need to lose 10 pounds fast. Class reunion is coming up or maybe a big wedding.. and we need to drop 10 pounds, yesterday!

Let’s face it.. Sometimes we’re in a time crunch and we just need to lose 10 pounds fast. Class reunion is coming up or maybe a big wedding.. and we need to drop 10 pounds, yesterday!

What’s the best weight loss plan to lose 10 pounds fast?

Diet Delivered features two industry favorites for fast weight loss..
Medifast for 10 pounds or extreme weight loss.
Fat Loss 4 Idiots for speedy 10 pound fat loss, on the cheap!

Why Medifast?

Developed by a physician; recommended by more than 15,000 doctors since 1980. More importantly, Medifast products are formulated with a ‘high fullness index’ so you aren’t hungry. With Medifast, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  Medifast Specials

Other reasons for Medifast:
* 10 lbs. or 100+ pound fat loss
* Delicious foods delivered to your door
* Powerful maintenance program
* Incredible support system
* Reasonably priced

Medifast Diet

Too Busy to Lose Weight?  Get Medifast Specials.

Why Fat Loss 4 Idiots?

Well, for one thing, they are the most popular (read ‘best’) weight loss plan on the internet today. They did over 21 million in sales during 2008. A company doesn’t do that kind of volume without positive word of mouth about their product.

Other reasons for Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

* Simple plan to lose about 10lbs. in 11 days
* No diet pills or exercise
* No hunger – you eat more than 3 times a day
* Weight loss plan emailed to you in seconds
* It’s cheap! Only $39 bucks

Lose 10 Pounds Fast – GO to Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website!

Is it healthy to lose 10 pounds fast?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots weight loss plan can be repeated every 11 days to lose pounds fast.

However, at Diet-Delivered, we do not believe it’s healthy for your body, if you keep repeating the plan. Also, you know darn well you’ll just gain it back if you lose too much too fast… and how depressing is that? For a more healthy approach, do the ‘Idiots’ diet to lose 10 pounds quickly. Then switch to their Diet Handbook to maintain the weight (handbook is included in your purchase)..

OR… If you do the Medifast diet, you’ll also be learning to eat healthy meals.. so you can go right into their maintenance plan, once you’ve lost your 10 pounds.

With either diet plan, it’s extremely motivating to drop the weight fast.. just be diligent with the maintenance and you’ll be fine. Plus you’ll feel like a million bucks with your new, svelte figure.

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Diet Food Delivered

Diet Food Delivered
Top food delivery services reviewed

Top diet food delivered services compared quickly with convenient fact sheet. Get latest Specials, Promos, Free meals, Costs, and more. Determine the best diet for your lifestyle and weightloss goal.. and much more..

Hop over to our new, improved Diet Food Delivered Page! 🙂

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Proform Elliptical and Smooth Fitness

Diet-Delivered knows how important it is to have the right elliptical machine… but how to decide on the best one? Proform Elliptical and Smooth Fitness.. industry leaders

Proform Elliptical and Smooth Fitness
Best Elliptical Machines for You

Here, at Diet-Delivered, we know how important it is for you to have the right elliptical machine… but how to decide? You want the best product for the best value. Diet-Delivered has profiled two industry leaders, Proform Elliptical and Smooth Fitness, both of whom understand this vital concept better than anyone.

Proform Elliptical

Proform pioneered the treadmill industry with their famous product, the SpaceSaver treadmill whose fold-away design completely revolutionized the treadmill industry in its early days.

Proform has grown tremendously since those days to become one of the most trusted name in the industry. Today, they actually claim to be the: ‘Worlds #1 Fitness Brand.’ Value, along with quality and a wide Elliptical selection, make Proform a safe bet. They also offer possible financing.

Smooth Fitness

Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Smooth Fitness’s reputation for quality and innovation comes with over 22 years + experience, and their elliptical machines and treadmills continue to draw new recognition from a vast assortment of consumer organizations and media outlets.

Smooth Fitness is envied for their top ratings from the likes of, Runner’s World, Prevention, Consumer Guide, Epinions, to name a few. Additionally, Smooth Fitness stands among the elite firms selected for the Inc. 5000 List and the Internet Retailer Top 500.

Bottom line: Top selections, value, possible financing.

380x200 100 Off

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Lose Belly Fat Action Plan

Don’t go it alone. Follow our super simple Lose Belly Fat Action Plan to begin losing the weight you desire. Losing weight is as easy as one, two, three!

Don’t go it alone. Follow our super simple ‘Lose Belly Fat Action Plan’ to begin losing the weight you desire. Losing weight is as easy as one, two, three! Secret to a Flat Stomach 6-Pack Abs


Step 1: Determine Your ‘Why’

If you already know exactly why you want to lose belly fat, Great! Take a minute and write it down.. Write it down and stick it to the corner of your computer or bathroom mirror, refrigerator.. wherever you’ll see it most.

If you just have a vague idea, then take a moment and think about it. Do you want to fit into your skinny jeans? Have you always wanted to lose belly fat but couldn’t find the motivation? Do you crave a fit, svelte body?

Whatever the case, whatever your ‘Why’ is, write it down. The more specific you are, the better chance you have of success.

So don’t just say “ I want to look great” …Stack the odds in your favor with more detail like: I want to lose my belly fat and have a more toned body in time for the big event coming up.

Now you know why you want to lose belly fat and a time to achieve it.

Step 2: Chose Your Program to Lose Belly Fat

For best possible results, we recommend a combination of eating modification and some ‘action’ as in exercise.. even if it’s just a brisk 15 minute walk four or five days a week.

There are endless possibilities for diet and exercise so we’ve made it super simple. After all our research, studying and personal experiences, we’ve narrowed down the options to a few easy choices.

Diet Selections:

• Fill out the Free, Confidential Diet Profile to determine which diet is best according to your lifestyle. – eDiets
• Fast fat loss.. I’m ready for my bikini yesterday! – Fat Loss for Idiots
• No time to cook? Go with hassle-free dieting – Select a diet delivered plan


• My personal favorite for fitness and tight abs – Elliptical Workout
• Exercise that people don’t consider to lose belly fat – Bicycle
• Sassy Exercise that’s great even when you travel – Exercise Bands
• I want a flat, sexy, hard stomach – Secret to a Flat Stomach 6-Pack Abs

Step 3: Decide to Lose Belly Fat & Mark Calendar

Make a decision today that you are ready to lose the belly fat once and for all AND you are willing to do whatever it takes!
Based on the program you’ve selected, mark your calendar for when you will begin.
For example, with FatLoss4Idiots, the program comes immediately but you still might need to go shopping to stock up on the right foods. Even if you decide on a Diet Delivered plan, you’ll still have to wait a few days for meals to be delivered.

My suggestion is this:

• Mark your calendar to begin the eating part of your program/plan tomorrow or the next day after you’ve gone grocery shopping or received diet delivered meals.

• Also, mark your calendar to begin immediately a short power walk each day. I only suggest walking because it’s easy to get motivated about.. but you can choose whatever exercise you like. Also, put down the time for your exercise.

It’s important to take immediate action in some form because if you’re like the rest of us, it’s just too easy to postpone.. and before you know it, two months will pass and you’ll be sitting here, again, reading about losing belly fat.

So, set yourself up for success!

Lose Belly Fat Action Plan Recap:

Step 1 Write down your “Why” and put it in a prominent place.
Step 2 Select eating/exercise plan and purchase necessary foods/tools.
Step 3 Mark your calendar for when you’ll begin eating/exercise plan.. and start exercising NOW.

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Lose Fat Now

What if we could show you a secret system of eating which was so different from anything else you’ve ever seen, that you could notice HUGE fat loss?

Lose Fat Now with Fat Loss 4 Idiots!

What if?

What if we could show you a secret system of eating which was so different from anything you’ve ever seen.. that you could actually lose fat just 11 Days from now? Huh.. can that be true?  Yeah, I want to see how to lose fat!


It’s insane to repeat the same behavior and expect different results. This means that you cannot get slimmer until you CHANGE your eating habits to something NEW and DIFFERENT.. something you’ve never tried before.

For example, if you choose not to begin this diet and you keep eating the same meals.. then you’ll be stuck with the SAME BODY forever. 

We can show you how to lose 10 pounds!

Your body will not change all by itself, because you won’t wake up one morning and be thinner until you TAKE THAT FIRST STEP to lose fat NOW

What Do You Have to Lose?

* Lose pounds NOW, or your money back; 100% Guarantee.
* Most Popular, Easy and Cheap Diet on the Market.
* No pills, No prepackaged food, No hassles.
* No calorie counting, no body mass index, no coaching.
* Diet for 11 days. Then eat whatever you want for 3 days.

I’m Ready for the Secret Fat Loss

Consult with you doctor before beginning any new diet. The information in this website is only for educational purpose; the information is NOT medical advice. And not everyone loses weight.


Diet Direct WonderSlim Meal Diet

Diet Direct typically has an extremely fast weight loss program (2 to 5 pounds per week) delivered to your doorstep. Quick weight loss and convenience are key here..

Diet Direct generally has an extremely fast weight loss program (like 2 to 5 lbs. per week) and you get your diet delivered right to your doorstep. Quick weight loss and convenience are key here..

Diet Direct Stats:

Business Since 1998
Membership Cost: NONE
Cost per Week: Starts at $49.08 FREE Shipping
SAVE 50% On DietDirect WonderSlim Meal Diet

Now you can obtain your weight loss goals with the help of Diet Direct’s selection of dynamite diet meal replacements. A diet meal replacement provides the perfect combination of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals to make weight loss easier and healthier.

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Common Diet Direct Misspelled: deit direct, dietdirect

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Vitamins for Women over 40 and 50

What vitamins for women over 40 and 50 are necessary? Our comprehensive study includes FDA and Dr. Oz’s vitamin recommendations.

What vitamins for women over 40 and 50 are necessary?  See Diet-Delivered’s comprehensive study..

We are at a certain age where our bodies are changing. Which vitamins do we need for women over 40 and 50? This comprehensive study includes FDA and Dr. Oz’s vitamin recommendations.

Why both? The FDA updates it’s vitamin and mineral recommendations every six plus years, so we decided to include Dr. Oz’s more current vitamin list. Additionally, Dr. Oz offers age appropriate vitamin lists.

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Dr. Oz’s Vitamin List Age 40 through 50+

• A – More than 1,250 IU twice a day is too much (unless you have eye condition, wet macular degeneration)  Diet-Delivered note: We couldn’t find a supplement with less than 5000 IU, that the FDA suggests. 5000 IU is still well below the 10,000 considered the upper limit for adult safety.

• Biotin – 150 mcg twice a day

• B12 – 400 mcg twice a day (25 mcg)

• C – 400 mg twice a day or 50 mg twice a day if you take statin drug such as: Zocor, VYTORIN, Lipitor, Pravachol, Crestor.

• D3 – Make sure you get the D3; 500 IU twice a day.

• E – 200 IU twice a day (400 IU of mixed tocopherols is the form Dr. Oz favors.) Reduce this to 50 IU twice daily if you take a statin drug.

• F (folate) – 200 mcg twice a day (folic acid or folate, or folicin; sometimes listed as vitamin B9)

• Niacin – At least 15 mg twice a day; check w/Dr. if taking statin.
• Pantothenic acid – 150 mg twice a day
• Riboflavin – 12.5 mg twice a day
• Thiamin – 12.5 mg twice a day

Dr. Oz’s Woman Age 40 – 50+ Mineral List

• Calcium – 600 mg three times a day in divided doses
• Magnesium – 200 mg twice a day – 300 mg for women over 50
• Selenium – 100 mcg twice a day
• Zinc – 7.5 mg twice a day
• Potassium – Four fruit servings plus a normal diet.

Additional Vitamin-like substances you should get once a day.

• Lycopene – Ten Tbsps of tomato sauce a week (400 mcg)
• Lutein – A leafy green vegetable a day (40 mcg)
• Quericin – Hefty portions of onion, garlic, celery, or lemon juice daily.
• Cinnamon – 1 half teaspoon a day
• Red Pepper – As much as you want early in day. Suppresses appetite.
• Tumeric – As much as you want, but at least ½ t. of strong mustard, or a curry dish a day
• Omega 3 – 1 gm of distilled fish oil or 6 walnuts, preferable 25 to 30 minutes before lunch and dinner; Or 600 mg of DHA supplement (from algae), Or 2 ounces of fatty fish a day.

Other choices you might want to consider –

• Coenzyme Q10 – 200 mg a day if on a statin, hypertensive or diabetic
• Aspirin – 162 mg a day w/ 2 glasses warm water. Check with doctor.
• Coffee or Green tea – 2 or more cups of each

FDA Vitamin and Mineral Daily Recommendations

Vitamin A – International Unit (IU) 5000
Vitamin C – milligrams (mg) 60
Calcium – (mg) 1000
Iron – (mg) 18
Vitamin D – (IU) 400
Vitamin E – (IU) 30
Vitamin K – micrograms (mcg) 80
Thiamin – (mg) 1.5
Riboflavin – (mg) 1.7
Niacin – (mg) 20
Vitamin B6 – (mg) 2.0
Vitamin B12 – (mcg) 6.0
Biotin – (mcg) 300
Pantothenic acid – (mg) 10
Folate – (mcg) 400 = 0.4 mg/ 400 from food,
200 supplements

Zinc – 15 mg
Iodine – 150 mcg
Copper – 2.0 mg
Phosphorus -1000mg
Magnesium – 400mg
Selenium – 70 mcg
Manganese – 2.0 mg
Chromium – 120 mcg
Molybdenum – 75mcg
Chloride – 3400 mg

Cool thing to note, most supplement labels will tell how much their ingredients have in relation to the FDA’s recommendation.

Example: The FDA suggests 60mg of Calcium and the supplement has 90mg, their label will say FDA – 150%, to let you know you’re getting 150% of the FDA requirement with their product.

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How to Lose Belly Fast

With summer upon us, ‘How to Lose your Belly Fast’ has become a priority.. Follow our 5 simple steps to lose belly weight

How to Lose Belly Fast PLAN

How to Lose your Belly Fast is a priority! Follow our 5 simple steps to lose belly weight and look sensational in your bathing suit! Flat Tummy Secret that Works


How to Lose Belly Fast Steps:

1) The number one thing you have to do is A. Make the decision and then, B. Write it down. If you’ve followed any of our advice, you know we’re big on writing down every detail. That means, how much belly weight, when you’ll start, what is the exact plan to achieve goal.

2) Get a picture of a flat tummy or you when your belly looked better and tape it to your computer or bathroom mirror. If you have a bathing suit you want to get into, pull it out and hang it at the front of your closet where you’ll see it every day.

3) Tell someone your plan to lose the tummy. That’s right! Make the commitment today and affirm it by sharing with someone who is supportive and will hold you accountable. Better yet, see if you can persuade a couple of girlfriends to enjoy the journey with you. BUT, forge ahead even if no one else is interested.

4) Remember, if you want to know how to lose belly fast, you must combine a weight loss diet along with tummy exercises. There are many exercises designed specifically to flatten that stomach!

5) Prepare your foods ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to cheat. Or order from one of the many diet delivery services available now. Carry fruit or low- cal snacks with you at all times.

How to Lose Belly Fast Talk:

Do not get discouraged. This is for a limited time! Ten to fourteen days will lose the tummy if you buckle down and don’t cheat.  Flat Tummy Secret that Works

You can even repeat this process to lose belly weight a couple of times throughout the summer.. but not more than that and here’s why:

A. We are more inclined to stick with something if we know it’s for a limited time.
B. It’s not healthy to sustain a quick weight loss for long periods of time.
C. You’ll get the tummy back if you use too drastic of a fat loss regime.

Soooo, stick with the plan… YES, you can do it; the plan is to lose belly weight for ten to fourteen days and then enjoy the results. You deserve it. Later, if you feel like repeating it, then do so. 🙂

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Let GNC Vitamins lend you a helping hand

How can GNC vitamins help? Well, we all need a little help with nutrition. We try to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, get regular exercise; but are we missing something?

GNC Vitamins add to your meals!

How can GNC vitamins help? Well, we all need a little help with nutrition. We try to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, get regular exercise; but are we missing something?

[ad#300×250]Often when we reduce calories, we miss out on valuable sources of vitamins and minerals, so this is where GNC supplements come in.

Why choose GNC Vitamins? Good question!

• Extensive research/development is paramount at GNC
• Truth in labeling,ingredient safety,product potency
• Commitment to remain on the cutting-edge of nutritional science
• GNC offers single supplements all the way to complex regimes, so there is something for everyone.
• GNC is the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional products; including vitamin, mineral, herbal and sports nutrition, as well as diet and energy products.
• GNC is the world’s largest company of its kind devoted exclusively to helping its customers improve the quality of their lives.

Vitamin and Supplement Benefits:

We may think we are eating right.. and maybe we are, but that doesn’t mean we are getting enough daily vitamins and nutrients. Chances are, we aren’t. That’s where supplements come in.. Blend healthy foods with GNC supplements to ensure optimum health.

Our Vitamins for Women over 40-50 page gives vitamin requirements recommended by Dr. Oz, and the FDA.

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Freshology is a yummy diet delivered service.. whether you’re on a diet, or just too busy to cook.

Diet Delivered of the Stars

Freshology is one of the yummiest diet-delivered meal delivery services on the planet.. whether you’re on a diet, or just too busy to cook.  Be forewarned:  Freshology is also one of the most expensive diet delivered services..


Freshology Stats:

Business Since: 2007
Membership Cost: None
Cost per Week: $34.99 per day, 14 day minimum. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Shipping not included.

Freshology Meal Samples:

Breakfast: Baked Eggs;Fresh Herbs & Swiss,Canadian Bacon,Fresh Fruit
Lunch: Greek Salad with Grilled Lamb
Dinner: FlatIron Steak, Roasted Veggies, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges
Dessert: Zucchini Bom Bom with Cream Cheese Frosting

How Freshology Meal Delivery Service Works:

Chef-developed diet meals, using only the freshest ingredients, nutritionally balanced, and delivered 100% FRESH right to your door via FexEx, twice a week.

What’s cool is that they offer meal plans for everyone.. from regular gourmet meals to lunchboxes for the kids. And when we say ’regular gourmet meals’, there’s really nothing ‘regular’ about Freshology.

They have the most incredible meals delivered, hands down. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own personal chef.. this is it!

Freshology Advantages:

• Calorie-efficient food made from the finest ingredients, developed by top-notch chefs.

• Freshology uses only lean protein, seasonal vegetables, fresh meats, and whole fruit for optimal taste, natural texture, and greater nutritional benefit

• You can personalize the plans to meet individual dietary and lifestyle needs.

• Freshology doesn’t freeze, shrink-wrap, pre-package, dehydrate, or process your food.

• The Freshology GETSLIM offers nutritionally complete meals with critical protein, fresh fruit, and fresh greens and absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES!

• State-of-the-art production methods to ensure quality and freshness.

• Meals for the whole family including kid’s Lunchboxes.

• Fresholgy is the diet of the stars .. J.Lo, Vanessa Williams, Ricki Lake, Katey Sagal just to name a few..

Freshology Disadvantages:

• Seriously, the only disadvantage we could find, is the price.. If you can afford it, this is the most amazing, delicious diet meal delivery service on the market today.

Freshology Testimonials:

Now you know not everyone has these results
1. “The Office” Star Mindy Kaling – “I looked forward to seeing my little black Fresh Dining cooler on my doorstep every night! The food is delicious, and the variety is awesome, and the customer service is excellent. I dropped about 2 sizes in a month!” – Mindy Kaling

2. “I love Freshology because it is healthy and tasty. And with all the hours I put into Dancing with the Stars, the convenience factor is amazing!” – Lil’ Kim

3. Book writer Marlee Matlin – “I love being able to eat smart and healthy at the same time with Freshology.” – Marlee Matlin

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Diet-Delivered – Fast Fat Loss

Diet Delivered – Fast fat loss with the most popular fat loss secret on the Net * Lose 10 Pounds fast.

Popular Fat Loss Secret on the Net

$21 Million in sales helping people just like YOU

Easy * Fast * Super CHEAP

What if?  We could show you a system of eating so different from anything you’ve ever seen, you’ll experience huge fat loss in 11 Days?

[ad#300×250]Fact! It’s insane to repeat same behavior expecting different results.  You cannot get slimmer until you CHANGE your eating habits to something NEW and DIFFERENT; something you’ve never tried before.

Like, if you don’t begin this diet and keep eating the same meals.. then you’ll be stuck with the SAME BODY forever. 🙁

Your body will not change all by itself, because you won’t wake up one morning and be thinner until you TAKE THAT FIRST STEP and try something new.

What Do You Have to Lose?

* Lose 9 Lbs in 11 days with Money Back Guarantee.
* Most Popular, Easy and Cheap Diet on the Market.
* No pills, no prepackaged food, no hassles.
* No calorie counting, no body mass index, no coaching.
* Diet for 11 days. Then eat whatever you want for 3 days!

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Exercise Ball Workouts

Roll some fun into your fitness plan with 5 exercise ball workouts that tighten your tummy and address other key areas as well. Lose belly fat and get in shape with simple, easy to do ball exercises.

Exercise Ball Workouts
Lose Belly Fat and more..

Roll some fun into your fitness plan with five exercise ball workouts that tighten your tummy and address other key areas as well. Lose belly fat and get in shape with simple, easy to do ball exercises.

[ad#300×250]Exercise Ball Advantages:

• Strengthens core muscles, including hard-to-reach muscles.
• Develops good muscle tone for entire body.
• Improves balance and helps overall coordination.
• Low impact.
• Improves flexibility.
• Inexpensive Workout

Five Exercise Ball Workouts:

Always warm up with five minutes of stretching before beginning your exercise ball workout. Repeat each exercise 10 times.

1) Inner Thigh Crunch
Targets: Inner thighs and belly
Aeromat 65cm Burst-Resistant Ball
Lie on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees and shins parallel to the floor. Place the ball between your knees and squeeze your legs together to hold it. Keep lower back on the floor, inhale and lift heels (with knees still bent) toward the ceiling. Exhale and lower feet and legs back to the starting position.

2) Bridge
Targets: Backs of thighs, buttocks, and belly

Lie on back with legs extended, feet parted slightly, and calves plus ankles resting on the ball. Exhale, tighten abdominal muscles and lift bottom toward the ceiling. Don’t arch your back. Hold for two to five seconds, and then slowly lower back to the starting position. This is more difficult with ball closer to your ankles. Conversely, the workout is easier by resting it under your knees.

Once you’ve mastered this exercise, add a kick. While your bottom is lifted, shift weight to right leg and raise left leg 90 degrees, keeping leg straight. Focus on squeezing the thigh and butt muscles in your right leg. Repeat on the other side.

3) Ball Squeeze
Targets: Belly, hips, lower back and inner thighs, good for all muscles

Stand upright with your hands on a wall or chair for balance; place the ball between your legs. Then kneel forward in a squatting position so knees hug the ball. Let go of the wall (or chair) and hold your body steady. This move challenges almost all of your muscles as they work to keep you balanced. Hold the position as long as you can, with a goal of 30 seconds.

4) Push-Up
Targets: Belly, chest, triceps, shoulders and back

Lie on the ball on your stomach. Hand walk forward on the floor until the ball is centered on your thighs. Extend legs and hold your body in a straight line. Then inhale, bend your elbows, and lower your chest to the floor. Exhale and push back up to the plank position. Keep your back flat. If this is too difficult, perform the move while resting on your knees.

5) Hamstring Curl
Targets: Belly and back of thighs

Lie on your back with knees bent and your heels resting on the ball. Lift up your bottom, inhale, and use your feet to push the ball away until your legs are straight. Exhale and pull the ball back to the starting position.

Implement these exercise ball workouts to lose belly fat and get toned.. You’ll address key muscle groups and start looking fit in no time.. Plus, as you become fit, you’ll feel better all around.

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Elliptical Workout Plan – Fast an easy fat loss method

Use our elliptical workout plan for fast and easy fat loss. There is absolutely no need for complicated, strenuous, looooong workouts to get the fat loss you desire.. Jump start a fit, toned body today.  Weird Tricks to Lose your tummy 🙂
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Easy Elliptical Workout Plan:

* Set the resistance a little low for the first week or two but increase it as you get healthier and stronger.

* Warm up for 5-7 minutes by using the elliptical machine at a leisurely pace.

* Rev up the pace for 20 minutes. At first you won’t be able to sustain an accelerated pace for 20 minutes. Don’t worry about it. Do the best you can for now with the ultimate goal at 20 minutes..

* Cool down for another 5-7 minutes. I like to continue until my heart rate is below 110.

Generally people hop on the elliptical machine for a little warmup before they begin their workout session. That’s exactly what I used to do before I realized that I didn’t like doing all the other exercises. They were a chore.. something to be endured while frequently checking the clock and stopping for drinks of water.

I finally decided it was my party and I could do whatever I wanted.. But, if I threw caution to the winds, would I have fat loss and get toned like I wanted?

Well, my little experiment was so successful that I chucked the gym and purchased an elliptical machine to do my workouts at home.

What can an Elliptical Workout do for You?

• Short on time? You can effectively tone both your upper and lower body at the same time in a 20 minute session with an elliptical machine.

• One of the safest methods of training because of the low-impact. This will greatly reduce chances of injury.
Lose weight with Medifast!

• Need to get your heart rate up? An elliptical workout can improve your cardiovascular for lowered heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

• Added perk – New found energy as your body begins to function at it’s optimum level.

Did I have easy fat loss and a toned body? You bet I did! 🙂

Here’s what happened:
Within about 30 days, I had some fat loss… but the amazing thing was that I got so toned it appeared I had a ton of fat loss. I was constantly asked if I had lost weight.

Also, my tummy became flat as a board.. I could not believe it. I had no idea prior to the elliptical workout, that I would get so toned and fit.

Oh, one last, huge thing I almost forgot.. with elliptical workouts, you can crank up the music.. TV, or get out a favorite book and immerse yourself in reading. Enjoy yourself. You really can’t mess up.

380x200 100 Off

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eDiets ~ Both diet-delivered and online

eDiets offers just about every diet you can imagine from their popular online diets to their various diet-delivered programs.

eDiets – Diet-Delivered & Online Diets

eDiets offers just about every diet you can imagine from their popular online diets to their various diet-delivered programs. Save 25% at eDiets!

All eDiet plans include a Fitness Program FREE!


A few of the eDiets offered:

* eDiets Weight Loss Diet
* Glycemic Diet™
* Mediterranean Diet™
* Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life™
* Seasonal Diet
* Heart Smart Plan
* Wheat-Free Meal Plan
* Low-Fat Plan
* Living with Diabetes Plan
* Cholesterol Lowering Plan
* High-Fiber Plan

More eDiets

* Hypoglycemic / Low-Sugar Plan
* Healthy Soy Plan
* Vegetarian Plan
* Lactose-Free Plan
* Low-Sodium Plan

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week!

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Diet Meal Delivery

Diet delivered? What’s the big deal with diet meal delivery services? Take out food is great, yes! You don’t have to shop or cook, and it eliminates the mess of clean up.

Get the low down on Diet Delivered’s Diet Meal Delivery Services..

[ad#300×250]Diet delivered to your home?  What’s the big deal with diet meal delivery services?  Take out food is great; it’s true. You don’t have to shop or cook, and it eliminates the mess of clean up.  However, what’s that doing for your diet?  And health in general?   If you want your diet to be successful this time, or just want a healthier lifestyle, then diet meal delivery might be just for you..

What types of diet food are delivered?

The sky is the limit these days. There’s a plethora of tasty meals, generous selections, with prices to fit every budget. Meals will never be dull again! You can get high protein, low carbohydrates, low cal, vegetarian, organic, even kosher.

Here are some tasty diet delivery meals to enjoy:

• If you fancy something out of the ordinary, then try the Bistro MD diet delivered plan. Imagine sitting down to a lunch of North Atlantic salmon, oven dried cranberries, toasted sliced almonds and young leaf spinach. That’s just one of the meals you can have prepared for you and delivered right to your door. Hey, even Dr. Phil featured Bistro on his show!

Bistro Ad: Dieting is Easier When You Love the Food. Delicious meals shipped to your door. It’s a proven strategy that works!

• The Medifast diet delivered meal replacement program is a comprehensive weight loss feast which includes such as soups, stew, chili and puddings… yes that’s right, puddings. Lose a little or a lot with Medifast .

• Who didn’t notice Marie Osmond’s dramatic weight loss with the Nutrisystem diet ? You’ll never be bored with over 170 delicious Nutrisystem meals to select. NutriSystem, Inc.

These are only three diet meal delivery services to choose from.   Diet-Delivered offers a Top Diet Delivered page where you can easily assess the leading diet delivery services based on meals served, type of diet, budget, and more.

So if you’re ready for a completely new world of a happier and healthier you, find which diet meal delivery service works best for your goals and lifestyle.

Medifast Diet

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Diet Delivered – Vitamin, Fitness and Diet Coupons

Diet-Delivered has newest, hottest, free coupons! Get diet coupons, free vitamin coupons, fitness coupons. Often merchants only give ‘special offers’ for a very limited time.

Diet-Delivered Coupons and Special Offers

FREE Coupons! Diet Coupons!
Vitamin Coupons! Fitness Coupons!

Diet-Delivered has newest, hottest, free coupons! Get diet coupons, free vitamin coupons, fitness coupons.  Often merchants only give ‘special offers’ for a very limited time. If you want updates the minute we get them, then Twitter follow us @DietDelivered.

Diet Delivered Weightloss Coupons/Specials

Weight Watchers(R)
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Diet-Delivered Fitness Specials

Factory Direct Fitness Equipment

What kind of free coupons and Specials are at Diet Delivered?

Diet-Delivered typically has Weight Watcher Specials, Medifast coupons, GNC coupons, as well as Proform and Smooth Fitness free coupons.  Follow us on for latest Diet Delivered updates.

Sometimes merchants give 20% off new orders, or they might do a Holiday special. GNC often gives cool 20% off coupons so you’ll want to watch for GNC special offers. Proform and Smooth Fitness periodically have online sales on elliptical and treadmill machines and they might also offer interest free financing. goes to great lengths to provide our visitors with quality information, and links to the most reputable merchants. We only have diet, vitamin, and fitness companies on this site that we believe have fine, quality products at reasonable prices. When you follow a link from our site and make a purchase, we might be paid a fee. You pay the same (or maybe less if you use our free coupons).. but we could be compensated for sending you to the merchant.

We, at Diet-Delivered, just want to say Thank You for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and we greatly appreciate your business. Your support makes possible!

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Diet-Delivered shows how Calorie Shifting helps fat loss

Diet-Delivered shows how Calorie Shifting is a powerful dieting strategy that is extremely beneficial to your long term fat loss success.

Diet-Delivered explores how Calorie Shifting is a powerful dieting strategy that is extremely beneficial to your long term fat loss success. See how you can incorporate this into your diet plan…


Diet-Delivered – How Does Calorie Shifting Help Weight Loss?

When we reduce calorie intake, our body protects itself by slowing down our metabolism. Our body hoards the calories because it believes we’re in the middle of a famine.. This is often why we hit plateaus while dieting. We work so hard to lose weight and our bodies are working equally hard to preserve it.

That’s probably why calorie shifting has taken on a life of its own with weight loss plans such as the new Idiots diet phenomenon ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots.’ BTW, as the name implies, this is a very simple approach to fat loss! And calorie shifting is also used in other weight loss plans as well.

The calorie shifting keeps your body in a perpetual state of confusion by constantly changing its calorie intake… thus revving up your metabolism so it tries to adjust to the constant calorie changes. Higher metabolism rates increase the process by which your body converts food into energy.

To get an idea of how calorie shifting actually can work in real life, we’ve outlined two popular weight loss plans that use calorie shifting, Bistro MD and Fat Loss 4 Idiots .

Calories Shifting- Bistro MD Diet Delivered

The Bistro MD Diet Delivery Plan provides an average of 1,200 calories per day for their full plan (3 meals and 2 snacks per day). Notice, they say ‘average of 1200 calories.’

Bistro MD says an AVERAGE, and we quote:

“This is a very important part, as we medically prove that if you stick to a strict 1200 calorie/day diet everyday of the week, your body gets used to that making it harder and harder each week to lose weight.

Calorie Shifting with Bistro MD
Bistro MD Gourmet Diet Delivered To Your Door. It’s a proven strategy that works! Losing Weight Has Never Tasted So Good! With the slight increase and decrease of calories on a day-to-day basis your body and metabolism do not have the chance to get used to one set point. Thus, in turn the weight comes off easier and in the end it is easier to maintain your weight.”

So Bistro MD changes your calorie intake every day by having their diet delivered full meal plans range between 1,100 and 1,400 per day.

Calories Shifting- Fat Loss 4 Idiots (the idiots diet way)

4 or more meals per day
Each meal must have different calorie amounts
2.5 to 3 hours between meals
Eat until satisfied, not stuffed
No snacks or small meals in between
Follow the idiots diet for 11 days and then eat normally for 3 (Can repeat)
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website

Sidenote about Repeating: I doubt your doctor would recommend repeating this too often because of the rapid weight loss each 11 days.

Obviously the idiots diet goes into more detail so you have an easy to follow diet plan.. but this outlines a method of calorie shifting to help you decide if it’s right for you.

One thing I will say that I especially like about the idiots diet, is that after 11 days of calorie shifting, there’s 3 days of normal eating. For me, this ‘3 day treat’ is just the motivation I need to stay the course for the other 11 days.

Please remember, calorie shifting, like any other weight loss program, should first be cleared with your doctor.

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Calcium Benefits obtained through Calcium Supplements

Calcium benefits can be obtained naturally or through calcium supplements. With calcium being one of the most important elements in our bodies, it’s vital to consume the proper amount.

Calcium benefits can be obtained naturally or through calcium supplements. With calcium being one of the most important elements in our bodies, it’s vital to consume the proper amount. This is especially critical if you’re a woman.

[ad#300×250]Over 99% of our body’s total calcium is stored in our bones and teeth.. Since our skeleton is literally the structure that holds our body up, we can’t skimp on calcium..

Calcium has proven to be important for health throughout our entire life. Certain times, such as childhood,pregnancy, or as we age.. require careful attention to our daily calcium intake.

Another calcium benefit is to help prevent osteoporosis.

Daily recommended intake of calcium?

The FDA recommends 1000mg per day.. but that’s a bit general. In reality, we know 1000mg is OK for most people, but if you’re over 50 years old, or a woman, 1200mg daily, is closer to what you need.

Don’t take it all at once since your body can’t absorb more that 600mg at a time. Spread out your supplements or buy time released.

Negative side effects of calcium supplements:

Even though Calcium Supplements will help with strengthening your teeth and bones, they aren’t for everyone.. If you have lung disease, kidney stones, stomach problems or diarrhea, you should consult a doctor before taking calcium supplements. Same goes for pregnant or nursing women, since it can infiltrate breast milk.

You also don’t want to get carried away and take extremely high doses. More is not necessarily better, as it can result in – constipation, vomiting, nausea.

Tell your doctor –

When talking to your doctor about calcium supplements, make it clear if you’re taking any what medications and what history of diseases may run in your family.

Calcium supplements are ideal for –

Keeping healthy, strong bones and teeth, and solving bone related problems, such as osteoporosis. They are relatively inexpensive and may be found online.

GNC / General Nutrition Centers

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